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Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 8AM - 4PM

About Us

WASO Trust Land is local NGO in Isiolo County which exist in securing ASALs’ pastoralist land rights and improving resilience to induced climate change shocks, promoting equitable land rights and governance of natural resources, enhancing peace and social cohesion & human rights among different ethnic groups, supporting social economic initiatives for enhanced livelihoods for women and youth and strengthening the capacity local community institutions to foster human rights and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

WTL works in partnership with marginalized communities in ASALs-Isiolo and neighboring Counties to address common challenges emerging from land conflicts, Climate Change, Governance of Natural Resources, violation of human rights in development whilst advocating for effective implementation of constitutional provisions to secure communities’ land and property rights.

Including that of women’s rights by working in partnerships with national government; county government, and local and international CSO to foster sound decisions, human rights in development and implementation of WTL programs designed to transform communities.

1. Vision, Mission, & C0-Values:


We envisage an inclusive and empowered pastoral society where diversity and land rights of communities are recognized, protected, and respected to enhance sustainable development in Isiolo County and beyond.


WTL exists to address deep rooted causes of poverty, social exclusion, inequalities, discrimination that deprives peoples’ rights to land and property ownership; healthy ecosystem; and social cultural rights through capacity building and strengthening communities’ institutions to mitigate climate change for resilience and secured livelihoods.

Core Values:

WTL is committed to working in partnership with like-minded partners to lobby and advocate for informed citizenry on issues that promote human rights, land rights and sustainable development. As an organization we adhere to achieve this goal through the following guiding principles:

Integrity: WTL recognizes values integrated in Integrity. These values include honesty, truthfulness, fairness, and adherence to the rule of law and organizational regulations which guides or internal and external organization affairs in all decisions and actions.

Inclusiveness: WTL seeks to work with all categories of people without discrimination, gender bias based on ethnic, gender, religious, and political affiliations. WLT appreciates the diversity of communities and institutions’ social cultural rights.

Accountability: WTL seeks to conduct its business in transparent, efficient, and effective way to enhance social and cooperate accountability both for internal and external operations.

Participation: WLT is committed to ensure that decisions made about policies that govern the organization are subjected to peoples’ participation and further participate in in design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation to inform sound feedback and knowledge management of the projects.

2. WTL Validation/Rationale:

WTL works in ASALs with regional operation office in Isiolo County with inclusive approach of WASO landscapes covering other parts of Marsabit, Laikipia, Samburu, Meru, Wajiar, Mandera, Garisa and Tana River Counties.

The programs and interventions designed at WTL level, are catalytic for supporting Right Based Approach for communities’ ownership of development projects and participate in policy decision making processes focused on transforming lives and strengthening livelihood opportunities for a resilient society.

Programs designed, are aligned to sustainable development goals (SDGs) focusing to eliminate inequalities, discriminations, and gender bias, and promote human rights obligations for land and property rights, peace and security, integrated risk management as a tool to address environment and ecosystem management, social and economic development for a healthy society.

Funding and Support Partners

The Christensen Fund – The Christensen Fund is Waso Trust Land’s major funding partner.

The TCF is an organization that promotes biological and cultural diversity through supporting programs in the African Rift Valley, Central Asia, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Southwest of the United States.