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waso trust land

Waso Trust Land

Waso Trust Land

Who we are?

Waso Trust Land is an NGO dedicated to promoting the rights and livelihoods of the pastoral communities of northern Kenya’s Isiolo district, with a particular emphasis on the land and natural resources rights of the indigenous peoples of this region.

What do We do?

Land Rights and Sustainable Land Use Practices

  • Establish a database on community land loss through boundary reviews, past and present encroachment, and mapping of hotspots targeted by encroachers.
  • Strengthening and revitalization of community land management systems and institutions to enable them effectively address current challenges.
  • Identification and training of land rights champions at the community level to spearhead community education and community-driven advocacy on land rights.

Social Economic Development

  • Empowerment  of special groups ( youth, women, and disabled) through skills training and market linkage
  • Promotion of inter and intra-ethnic social cohesion
  • Promotion of cultural groups and linkage for marketing and promotion.
  • Promotion of community participation in local governance. 

Environment and Natural Resources Management

  • Identification of activities threatening biodiversity and proactively supporting community advocacy work.
  • Promote conservation and sustainable commercial exploitation of natural products.
  • Partnership to build the capacity of devolved government in environmental legislation.

Research, Documentation, and Dissemination

  • Commission desktop and field research based on information gaps
  • Multi-media documentation of  issues
  • Establish a land right resources center with publications, research reports, video documentaries, and a digital database on land and land issues in Isiolo County.

Our Vision

Empowered pastoralist communities that enjoy peace, secure land tenure, abundant natural resources, and sustainable development in Isiolo County.

Our Mission

WT exist to empower pastoralist communities to understand and apply their rights and responsibilities in the management of their land and natural resources through training, education, and advocacy.

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